Virtual Worship - 7/5/20

Hope in the Hopelessness - Job 14 & 19

Welcome to virtual worship for Second Presbyterian Church.

You are invited to gather everyone in your household (pets counts too!) to sit around your computer, tablet, phone, or TV and worship God together. If at all possible for you to do this around 10:00 on Sunday morning, that would be wonderful so we can know that we are worshiping together even though we can’t be together physically. You can follow along with the script – when a video is present, just click on it to listen or even sing along. I have found two song choices for each “hymn” a more traditional organ led music is the first (or on the left) and a more contemporary version or song is the second (or on the right). Choose what is best for you or even listen to both if you prefer.

Virtual Pew Pad

Please let us know that you are worshiping with us this week.

Let us come together (in spirit) and worship God!


One: Freedom is coming!

All: We can hear it in the voices of the oppressed.

One: Hope is coming!

All: We can see it in the eyes of all those who despair.

One: God is here!

All: We count on God’s presence with us, to guide, heal, and uplift our spirits. Amen.

HYMN – O Beautiful for Spacious Skies


One: As we gather our hearts in worship, let us take a moment to acknowledge the ways we have failed to follow God’s call on our life. Let us, trusting in God, confess our sins together. 

All: As a community of believers, Holy One, we open ourselves to your restorative presence.
We are surrounded by beauty, yet we often fail to wonder.
We are symbols of hope, yet we often succumb to despair.
We are blessed beyond measure, yet we often allow greed to shape our generosity.
We are uncommonly free, yet we often bind ourselves to yesterday’s failures.
We are gifted and graced as a people of faith, yet we often fail to let our light shine.
We are loved beyond measure, yet we often fail to pass on your love unconditionally.
Encourage us, O God, to lay down our burdens, release our fears, forgive our failures, reclaim our hopes, and align ourselves with your deep wisdom.
In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN


One: We are the light of the world, by the power of God’s grace.
Our freedom is a gift: receive it fully;
Our purpose is justice: do it rightly;
Our hope is peace: pursue it faithfully;
Our calling is life: live it well.
God is faithful in all things and so it is.

All: Praise be to God! Amen.


All: May the word of our mouths and the meditations be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer. 

HYMN – My Country, Tis of Thee or Living Hope